Noticeable progress has occurred on site over the recent weeks as we come to the end of our refurb!

Street Scaping

New planters and benches have been installed around the fountain, which is now fully operational following its restoration and is currently being commissioned.

Most of the pavement has now been replaced however there have been some delays in acquiring the stone for the circular area around the fountain, this should complete in early June followed by installation of additional drainage.

A trail of cockerel’s feet will be installed into the pavement in September when the site completes.

Ground Floor Units

Shopfront works are all complete with the exception of Felicity J Lord which will follow in due course.

The Pavilion works started in earnest on 22nd May and the structure is due to be complete towards the end of August.


Minor restorative work will commence on the façade of Eagle Wharf in September which will require scaffolding on-site.