We’re in full swing of the Courage Yard refurbishment and thought we would give you some more details on what you can expect in the square over the coming months:

The public realm space is getting a much needed face lift due to be complete by summer 2017. Among the planned works, the beloved Antony Donaldson ‘Waterfall’ fountain is being cleaned, repaired and returned to it’s former glory; building exteriors will be painted and tidied up; paving stones will be cleaned with broken ones replaced; and granite paving stones will replace the Harlequin brick paving and engineered bricks.

Retail units are also being refurbished to improve the retail environment for both residents and visitors to Courage Yard. Starting with the currently unoccupied 34 Horselydown Road unit, shop fronts will be painted a dark blue, glass frontage will be moved forward to optimise on space and light and awnings will be erected to the units facing into Courage Yard. A new contemporary pavilion will be built in the square to add a positive addition to the current retail/cafe offering with works starting early 2017 and due for completion in summer.

As for current tenants – Starbucks will be extending their cafe into the unit next door and building works are currently ongoing with the coffeehouse due to reopen in March 2017.

Finally, you can expect new signage for the square to be in place by spring 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact us here.