This week (9th-16 May) is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is Nature. There’s so much going in in the local area to offer support, guidance, helpful and enjoyable exercises and resources for anyone struggling.

We’ve collated some of the brilliant virtual and non-virtual events going on this week that you can get involved with.


Tuesday 11th May

Resilience and Recovery with Sian Williams

Action For Happiness


Free Virtual Event

This hour-long event will look at getting back on your feet after experiencing trauma. Coming out of an incredibly difficult year, many of us have struggled throughout and are still struggling to cope now. Having the resilience to carry on in the post-trauma recovery period can be tough. Journalist and broadcaster Sian Williams has done extensive research into the science of resilience and growth after trauma. In this session she will share her experience and talk about how to emerge from our experience stronger and more resilient.

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Wednesday 12th May

Nature and Pattern: Creative Drawing and Collage

Team London Bridge


Free Virtual Event

Join artist Gail Seres-Woolfson for an hour immersed in art and nature.  Gail will introduce you to some nature-inspired artworks and show you some techniques to create your own.

Bring any art supplies that you have, from biros, coloured pencils and paints, to newspaper cuttings, leaves, or textile scraps you might have lying around!

More information and sign-up link here.


Thursday 13th May

Florence’s Flowers – Natural Remedies for Mental Health

Team London Bridge


Free Virtual Event

Did you know Florence Nightingale suffered from both depression and chronic pain? In fact, she was often unable to leave her bed. Well, she’s found just the person to help her!

Join Team London Bridge on Thursday as ‘Flo’ is visited by Karen from Fit2RelaxLondon. Karen will explore natural remedies for mental health, including some chair-based exercises and colour visualisations to help equip us for life after lockdown. Plus, Florence will be on hand to talk about how nature and flowers influenced her life and work.

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Support in Southwark: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Healthwatch Southwark


Free Virtual Event

A webinar to find out about all about different support services available and how you can access mental health support in Southwark.

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Friday 14th May

Locked Up But Not Locked In

Team London Bridge


Free Virtual Event

A visualisation and psychoeducation exercise: using the mind as a potential source of freedom.

Sometimes, even when we are unable to physically go to a place, our mind has the capacity to respond as if we were actually there. This is a wonderful resource that can help us to connect to ourselves and enhance wellbeing. So even if you are simply doing a visualisation or just thinking about the sea, your body responds as if it is real, allowing sensations of relaxion, connection or peace.

Team London Bridge have partnered up with The Psychosynthesis Trust to bring you this free workshop to train you in some basic psychosynthesis skills.

Sign up here.



Chair Yoga at the Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret

Team London Bridge


Free Virtual Event

An online workshop held by Elli Ouano, a qualified teacher, who will guide you through an introduction to chair yoga at the Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garden.

Chair yoga is yoga using a chair as a prop to support your poses and movement. The practice will involve seated poses (on a chair) and standing poses supported by a chair (ideally without armrests). Chair yoga can improve your flexibility, concentration, and strength, while boosting your mood, and reducing stress and joint strain.

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Other resources

Community Southwark’s Resources

Our friends at Community Southwark have a great page on their website with useful resources for Mental Health Awareness Week.

One great resource is their top tips on connecting with nature to improve mental health.

They have also released a series of snippets from their lovely team, with each staff member talking about how they use nature to support their mental health, and where their favourite places to go in the borough are.

Have a read and see if you pick up any tips here!


Southwark Wellbeing Hub’s Staff Picks

Southwark Wellbeing Hub are sharing how connecting with nature helps with their team’s wellbeing.

Just make sure you are following them on Twitter as they release them throughout the week!


For the Kids

LPESSM are releasing a number of helpful resources and activities on their Twitter for the children to get involved with Mental Health Awareness Week, like this Scavenger Walk with a checklist of landmarks in some local Southwark parks to tick off and take selfies with!