In the third installment of our Wellbeing During Lockdown series, we’ve got all the best tips and tricks to keep up your beauty regime during quarantine.

Look after your Lockdown Locks

Waiting for RUSH salon to reopen is a long and agitating process. Especially with that fringe that’s getting in your eyes, and those roots that are showing their troublesome faces. But our favourite hair salon has thankfully released some handy tips on their blog to ease your bad-hair-day woes.

They’ve got all the answers, with ideas for the best WFH hairstyles, to what to do if your fringe is growing out, as well as a hack for covering your roots that has saved our lives! Sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date with all their tricks of the trade.

Create a Face Mask from your Kitchen Cupboard

RUSH are not just hair experts either, they’ve also released a guide outlining lots of useful hacks to keep the rest of your beauty regime up during lockdown.

From a do-it-yourself pedicure, to this easy homemade face mask made from oats, they’ll have you looking and feeling your best while you can’t get your usual treatments.

woman with hair in a towel looking in mirror

Give your skin some TLC

D-I-Y not your thing? Missing your Skinsmiths treatments? You can now bring some of the magic of Skinsmiths to your bathroom with their skincare range, which has recently become available to buy from their online shop.

From derma-rollers, to cream cleansers, soothing masks, balancing moisturisers and AHA chemical exfoliants, there’s plenty to choose from to keep your Skinsmiths withdrawal at bay.

So stay at home, save lives, and give yourself a new 6-step night-time cleanse – because we’ve all got a little extra time to dedicate to self-care right now.

Don’t forget those pearly whites!

Your local Londent Oral Care might be closed except for emergency appointments, but they haven’t forgotten about you, and they don’t want you to forget your teeth in this period of isolation.

Keep an eye on their social media as they provide us with some top dentistry tips to keep our teeth happy and healthy during a time when snacking on sugar all day can feel all too easy.

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