Ah tea. The most quintessential English beverage.

A relatively late arrival to British shores, tea first became fashionable in the mid-17th century and has since endured a turbulent history of controversial taxation, smuggling, Opium Wars and, the biggest threat of all… instant coffee.

Despite all odds, tea has maintained a firm place as our national drink, with an estimated 165 million cups consumed by Britons daily.

Tea has become our default. A staple of everyday life. But do we really give it the recognition it deserves?

As part of Totally Thames festival, Courage Yard invites you to join us for Tea Total, a one day event celebrating our intimate love affair with our favourite beverage.

With a tea-riffic programme of workshops, tea tastings, art, market stalls, street food, tea dancing and more – Tea Total will have everything you need to upgrade your fan status to solid tea connoisseur.

This event is free to attend but workshops are ticketed with limited spaces – take a look below to see what tickles your fancy and grab your tickets quick, as places are expected to book up fast!

Click here for workshop details and tickets!


Tea Blending Workshop 11.30-12.30

Learn the art of tea tasting and create your own tea blends to take home with you with award-winning mixologists, Bluebird Tea Co.

This workshop will begin with a 30 minute intro to tea and traditional tasting session teaching you all about different teas and blending herbs, how they are made, best enjoyed and their health benefits.Then, Bluebird’s expert Tea Mixologists will help you create your own tea blends to take home with you, designed, named and packed by your very hands.

Free cups of tea will of course be provided throughout the workshop from Bluebird Tea Co.’s exciting selection of blends.

Matcha Tea Pairing Masterclass 12.45-1.45 & 3.15-4.15

Single batch tea specialists, Lalani & Co and London Bridge’s favourite bakery, Spianata, are joining forces for a very special masterclass.

Starting with an introduction to Spianata Bakery and their famed bomboloni (or Italian donuts to you and I), you will first get a chance to practice your patisserie skills and pipe your own bomboloni with custard. But not just any custard… as a Tea Total exclusive, Spianata’s pastry chef’s have developed new recipes infused with two Lalani classics; Imperial Black and Matcha Green Tea.

As you enjoy your donuts with a perfectly paired cup of tea, Lalani & Co., will talk you through the expert processes of single batch teas, including their origins, history and flavouring, before leading a masterclass on the elusive matcha green tea.

Tea Cocktail Masterclass 2.00-3.00

Become a G & Tea expert with Bluebird Tea Co.

The class will start with a 30 minute intro to tea tasting and blending for cocktails and spirits (with essential sampling of tea infused tipples of course). Followed by 30 minutes of putting your skills to the test as Bluebird’s mixologists guide you through creating your own botanical tea blend to mix with your favourite spirits at home.

And vitally, get rewarded for all your hard work with a specially curated tea cocktail to finish off!

Plus, free cups of tea provided throughout.

Swing Dancing Tasters 2.45-3.15 & 3.30-4.00

Join us for a modern twist on the traditional Tea Dance with 1920s Charleston and 1940s Swing taster sessions by local dance collective, Swing Patrol London!

Swing is a lively and vibrant style of social dancing and these tasters will cater for all levels and ages.

Swing Patrol’s instructors will help you understand the fundamentals of the dances and teach you about the posture, hold and musicality, footwork combinations and spot turns before you show off your moves. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm, a touch of humour and some comfortable shoes…

Tea Ceremony 11.15-12:00


T-Lovers Tea Ceremony will take place in the Zen Zone at Courage Yard. This ceremony is all about Mindfulness. It is performed in noble silence with gentle guidance throughout to help you reach inner harmony and balance your mind.

During the tea ceremony you will focus all your attention on tea, examine its colour, aroma. Tune into tea. Simply drinking tea, brewing it, listening to the sound of boiling water – this is the way to inner harmony and balance of mind, an opportunity to be in a present moment without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Tea provides this opportunity to everyone.