From the 31st October to the 5th November, 11am-6pm, the exhibition “Altar-native” will come to The Greenhouse.


During the annual Ghost Festival and Lunar New Year, families from ESEA region congregate to honour ancestors and loved ones. Artists come together through “Altar-native” to challenge, confront and identify societal taboos about death head-on. Encompassing a diverse range of mediums, from sculptures to moving images and installations, the exhibiton encapsulates themes of loss and the artists explore what has already faded into oblivion and the impending nature of death that looms around us.


To join us on opening night (October 31st from 5pm to 8pm) you can get free tickets here. If you come dressed in ghostly or ancestral costume you will receive a gift at the door! 


To find out more about the exhibition make sure to follow us on social media.