The fire of 1212, more commonly known as the Great Fire of Southwark, started South of the Thames in Southwark between the 10th-12th July in 1212. The fire spread throughout London rapidly due to high winds and flammable infrastructure such as wooden foundations and thatched roofs.

The Great Fire of Southwark was the most fatal fire in London due to the way it spread across London Bridge. All of the ships and homes that were on the bridge were set alight forcing those occupying the shops and homes to either jump or await imminent death. Almost all of those who jumped from the bridge either drowned or were crushed by the falling buildings from above.

In the end, The Great Fire of 1212 did not chnage any of the regulations surrounding fire fighting in London. Instead it was the fire in 1666 that made the governors of London reconsider the firefighting methods, however this was too little too late for the thousands that perished in 1212.